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How to fuss at chapped lips

Written By Unknown on Sunday, February 3, 2013 | 8:03 AM

chapped lips
In the winter because of the cold and cold air to suffer a lot of the ladies of the problem lips cracked that stricken, especially when the air is humid, so we will give you how to fuss in the lips Almstqqh as the femininity of women first start of which need to be Tkona Sahtin and moist so the makeup whatever professional or distinct will not appear beauty never if Conti suffer from the lips chapped and vice versa If they were enjoying youth and freshness and health, they are more than sufficient with a little under the eyelids Pacific in ensuring demeanor you especially if you are working women who do not have enough time to sit for hours in front of the mirror to put makeup heavy Sthtegenha to highlight the beauty of your lips

So how can the fuss in chapped lips

Napkin or sponge peeling lips:
The ideal choice to remove dead skin cells from above your lips gently and without causing additional damage

Specified lips:
A necessary tool and to highlight the magical beauty of your lips

Installer to make a long-term
The experts advise cosmetics and make-up using this product
Even effect and color remains steadfast as long as possible

Thread colors:
This product is used and called lip sealant to install colors
On your lips for long periods
But flawed they cause dry lips
Choose neutral colors or cheerful
And re-develop a new layer on your lips after several hours

Lip Pencils:
Are the types of lipstick
They differ from the determinants of the lips, it is moist, soft and thick lines
Care in a private chapped lips

So Madam you take care of the full details of a private face and lips and always Use a humidifier in order to preserve the moisture lips


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