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Six mistakes cause premature appearance of wrinkles

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 | 1:36 AM

Everyone luck of beauty is characterized by the others, but sometimes it happens to this beauty some of the problems represented in the appearance of wrinkles, and returns a beautician India Mohammad causes the appearance of wrinkles to the genetic factor, with a rate of 10%, while the environment and lifestyle of each individual behind the 90% of the reasons for the appearance of wrinkles, and this according to a statement made by the Washington Institute for laser skin surgery. The role of genetics in the appearance of wrinkles, skin thickness which entail Atralh the appearance of wrinkles, though genetic factor has grabbed 10% of the reasons wrinkles do not still have the rest of the reasons to control the appearance of wrinkles
premature appearance of wrinkles

We show you Madam six errors cause the early appearance of wrinkles So Tgnbhe is:

- Exposure to the sun which is the first enemy of the skin and all the beauty experts advised to protect skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays because they cause breaks collagen and elastin which props which depends upon the form of the skin and wrinkles.

- Smoking or approaching smokers, because smoking process ends the appearance of lines and wrinkles and clear in most cases on the lips of smokers because of repeated movement of the lips during the smoking process that accompanies pull out the smoke, but the wrinkles around the mouth is not the damage only caused by smoking, but I found a scientific study that smokers develop بالتجاعيد around their eyes and the reason that smoking such as the sun's rays.

- Repeated facial expressions because facial expressions working to activate specific muscles of facial muscles to play those expressions that accompanied the formation of wrinkles temporary facial disappear after the completion of expression, but repeat it daily leads to the survival of these wrinkles slightly over time become wrinkled temporary permanent does not disappear disappearance expression.

- The psychological pressure of the reasons that lead to the appearance of wrinkles in the face, but there are situations and cases where control over these psychological pressure and physical they do not lead only to aging, but lead to disease various public The stress has had a devastating impact of the activity the body's immune Pressure or stress leads to increased secretion of neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, which leads to a narrow blood vessels and thus less blood flow in tissues, including the skin of the face, which becomes at the mercy of increasing voltage lines on the face and the lack of blood flow in it and the accompanying insomnia and lack of sleep.

- Lack of sleep and staying up late, if you look at your face in the mirror after a night out in the morning to found a big difference between that and what you see after sleep early and adequate and comfortable, as it is known that the face of the month so much and did not take enough sleep many signs of wilting eyes and swollen eyelids and pallor of the skin and the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles lines become deeper, and to ensure leads to the disruption of the work of the body In the nights sleeping Kef devote organs of the body to repair damaged cells of the body and build hormones and enzymes crisis for the movement of the body the next day.

- Do not feed the skin, it is natural to get the skin on what needs through the circulatory system that take place in cells and thus disturbed nourish the skin due to lack of blood flow in the skin or nutrients in the blood, and the blood is poor in vitamins and minerals and oxygen necessary for the operations of physiological in the skin, so Blood fed to the skin must be pure containing the elements of daily life necessary for his survival نضرا and should not enter toxins in the blood because it will reach the skin and Taatfah such as organic compounds, toxic found in tobacco, drugs and industrial materials additives in foods and others, so you should eat more water and reduce the salt because it reserves water in the body and damage blood vessels that carry blood to the blood and other cells must also abstain completely from alcohol because they lead to fragility and damage to blood vessels.


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