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Dry skin in the winter and treatment

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 | 1:23 AM

Perhaps Tlazemk case peel off the skin dryness and irritation and dry throughout the year, and often worsen in the winter and getting dry skin but whatever the time in which it occurs, all what you need is to alleviate that situation.
Dry skin in the winter and treatment

* Bathing in a warm bath for a short period. Dermatology specialist says Andrea Lynn Cambio, Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology that as far as looks very hot steam bath soothing, but the hot water will not help dry skin at all.

So what's the problem? That a hot bath works to remove the natural oils that work, as a barrier protects the skin from dehydration and keep it soft and moist. Therefore, skin care experts recommend taking a warm bath not exceeding duration of 5 to 10 minutes. National drying your skin by patting the soft light does not rubbing violent when rapid drying your body. Then, nationalist immediately moisten your body.

* Use a gentle cleanser. Wash your skin with soap-free cleanser when bathing. Cambio says the types of mild soap-free perfumes are an ideal choice.

Can be products that contain additives removing sweat or anti-bacterial harsh on the skin. According to a specialist dermatologist Dr. Caroline Jacobs in an interview with the transfer site «Med Web» Medical American, that you can use cleaner contains material Alseramed (ceramides) help materials Alseramed, which is about molecules fatty which form the barrier outer skin, in retaining the skin برطوبتها.

Some skin care products on synthetic ceramides to replace Alseramed, which is lost with age. And must be careful when using materials for بالتقشير and other astringents which alcohol enters installed, which can exacerbate the problem of dry skin. If you Taatoukan for a refreshed feeling that you get it after removing dead cells, فاحذري the exaggeration in the peeling skin, according to Jacobs. It irritates the skin and lead to increased thickness.

* Use a razor blade properly. Shaving can cause skin irritation, dry it because you're بكشط the natural oils from the skin when do shaved unwanted hair. The optimal time to shave is after a shower, according to the American Academy of Dermatology; where the hair is softer and easier to deal with, as the pores are open, making it easier to shave.

Always use a cream or shaving generation, national and shaving in the direction of hair growth to protect your skin. Can cause the bad code in increased skin irritation. If you are using a blade Used, فقومي in بنقعها in alcohol to be cleaned of bacteria. Do not forget to change the code from time to time.

* Choose the appropriate confusion of the season. The damage caused by exposure to the sun one of the main reasons behind the dry skin and the appearance of wrinkles and skin roughness. You can play the role in avoiding that damage occurs by the use of SPF 30 sunscreen throughout the year and wear appropriate clothing. Cambio says, that «wear layers of clothing could lead to overheating and sweating profusely; both of which can lead to skin irritation.

* Do not leave your lips susceptible to cold. To prevent Ajafavhma in the winter, use a lip moisturizer with a sun protective SPF 15 and cover your lips with a scarf or wear a hat with a mask. In the summer, wear light clothing loose and long sleeve shirts in the sun, wear a wide-brimmed hat to cover your neck and your ears and your eyes.

* Maintain moisture home. The cold weather and dry air in the winter, a common cause of dry skin and Thaejeh. At the time which may help heat your home in the frigid months to keep you warm, but they also lead to remove moisture from the air, which could possibly increase the dry skin. And to renew lost moisture quickly and smoothly, apply moisturizer in the room where they تنامين, as Cambio advises. In the end, you like to be the internal humidity around 50 ratio. You can track the moisture content seamlessly through a device for measuring humidity inexpensive, known as Alheigromitr.

* Follow the rules moisturize the skin. Can help moisturize the skin products simpler to alleviate dry skin. Dermatology specialist says Sonia Pradricia, Bansal: «Oil is perfect gel as a moisturizer. Or you can use mineral oil or creams or lotions which Tfdilanh. If you are ninety to get rich moisturizer, فابحثي type contains shea butter shea butter, Alseramed and stearic acid fatty acids and الغلسرين, as advised by Dr. Leslie Baumann, director of the Institute for Research and cosmetics at the University of Miami. Baumann wrote in her article published on the Internet for your skin in the winter: «all the rich moisturizers that will help you renew your skin barrier. And refer to it as prefer الغلسرين on in particular. Jacobs says that regardless of product Takhtarenh, the constant moisturizing for the skin is essential.

* Wash your skin with liquid detergent does not contain soap, preferably containing on Alseramed to renew the outer layer of the skin.

* Dress Baltmless on the skin for a period of not less than 20 seconds.

* Put the cream is thick moisturizer immediately after bathing to remain your body retains Brtobth.

* Moist hands after each time Tgsleynhma, so as not to cause water vapor to pull more moisture from your skin dry.


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