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Causes & Treatment for Dark Eye Circle

Written By Unknown on Monday, April 15, 2013 | 3:45 AM

Cause dark circles around the eyes, the problem of the aesthetic and psychological big among women and a lot of ladies looking for a way to get rid of dark circles that make up around the eyes so that the eyes look tired and cumbersome and supple but madam you better prevention of dark circles under the eyes that happen to you this problem and تبداي the search for a cure have dark circles show the result of several reasons
Dark Eye Circle

• sleeping habits of the most common reasons that cause dark circles is lack of sleep or lack of regularity and that cause the appearance of Halley black temporarily, but fortunately those dark circles disappear once the regularity of sleep after a few days.

• rub the eye burning eye which is due to a virus in the eye resulting in itching of the eye and with the passage of time starts dark circles appear as a result itchy eye .. So if I felt a burning sensation in the eye to avoid being rubbed That will help to avoid the appearance of dark circles.

• Heredity plays genes play an important role in the appearance of dark circles, it is possible to be a genetic factor in that case are difficult to treat, so the layer of skin around the eyes thin appears veins under the eye and thus colored darker colored skin area appears dark circles.

• age advancing age and lack of collagen proportion of one of the reasons causing the black halos, which are difficult to control.

• lifestyle lifestyles also affect the appearance of dark circles bad Vadat such as bad nutrition, smoking, stress overload it all helps in the appearance of dark circles beneath the eye ..

The only solution to get rid of dark circles in that case is the firs to get rid of the bad habits that affect their appearance.

1. Try that Tnala enough sleep "7-9 hours" .. The easiest ways to get rid of dark circles and avoided.

2. Check with your doctor to see if you suffer from any other allergies. In spite of that dark circles are not a reaction to any types of allergies, but he could be one of the symptoms .. If you feel a headache, choking, coughing must be tested for allergies.

3. Make sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to make sure your body get adequate hydration to him, when the body contains the proper amount of fluid swells the skin under the eye, which reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

4. Limit your use of salt, caffeine and alcohol because these elements affect the efficiency of the work of the lymphatic system, which helps in getting rid of excess fluid in the body worked to get rid of the accumulation of fluid under the eye thereby reducing dark circles.

5. Use cold water compresses on the eye for 15 minutes to work to mitigate the region and you can be replaced by the use of cold cucumber slices also helping to get rid of dark circles.


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